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Dr.-Yajaman Meet The Dentists | Welland Dentistry

Dr. Yajaman

Also known as Sunitha, strives to make you comfortable and informed of your treatment. She brings gentle treatment into dental treatment for every person who she’s seen over the past 12 years.

She has two teenage daughters and a husband of 20 years. She enjoys activities with with her family, movies and traveling.

She constantly seeks new knowledge to bring you the best and newest options, for keeping that beautiful smile and in some cases creating a confident smiles.

Dr.-Bilinski Meet The Dentists | Welland Dentistry

Dr. Bilinski

Dr. Bilinski has been providing dental treatment for over 42 years and is now making the transition into retirement from dentistry.  He will be spending his time enjoying it with his growing family and pursuing his hobbies. After putting in time to improve four generations of patients, he is taking time for himself and his family.  We wish the best regards, in happiness and health in your retirement Dr. B.